Matheus Cunha reveals the extent of his injuries following horrific karate-kick tackle by Alexander Dominguez


Matheus Cunha has revealed the extent of his injuries after being studded in the neck following Alexander Dominguez's karate-kick tackle on Thursday evening...

The goalkeeper who plays for Uruguayan Primera Division club Cerro Largo was sent off in the 15th minute of Ecuador's 1-1 draw with Brazil for what can only be described as a horrendous challenge. 

Dominguez came charging off his line to intercept Fred's pass to Cunha but instead of connecting with the ball, he made sickening contact with the striker's neck instead. 

VAR quickly intervened and told Colombian referee Wilmar Roldan that Dominguez's tackle was worthy of a red card. 


Despite the nature of the challenge, Cunha was able to continue on until he was replaced by Gabriel Barbosa in the 78th-minute.

However, he took to social media to reveal the extent of his injuries after the game. The gruesome picture detailed the cuts to his neck and chest.